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Real-Time Visualization & Rendering Awaits

Start visualizing and rendering with the fastest, most user-friendly 3D software on the market.


For individuals creating incredible work.




Available on PC. Mac version coming soon

Multiple object import

Realtime RTX and path traced rendering

Stage beta access

Plugin access

4K rendering

Unlimited batch & cloud rendering

Drag-and-drop material libraries

Unlimited lighting presets

Unlimited camera presets

Unlimited colorway creation

Unlimited animations


Stage Enterprise

For teams needing support, additional features, and custom integrations.




Multi-license discount

Process & asset troubleshooting

Web steaming viewer licenses

24 hour SLA

Live video support & training

Web streaming access*

Renderbot* Coming Soon!

Custom content creation*

Custom integration development*

*Additional Fee Required

Trusted by the Industry's Best

Don't just take it from us.

“Any brands looking to render decision making assets at speed, would find Stage a compelling visualization tool.  The software is intuitive and provides a low barrier of entry for any apparel teams looking to be able to leverage Unreal Engine and its capability."
Iain Finch | Senior Manager, 3D Digital Visualization and Product Creation
  • Do I need to have 3D or Unreal Engine experience to us Stage?
    No need to know Unreal Engine 5, or other design softwares. Stage was intentionally designed with an extremely simple interface without needing any 3D expertise.
  • Where can I find tutorial videos?
    You can watch Stage tutorials videos on our youtube channel.
  • What hardware specifications do you recommend?
    We recommend the following spec: - OS - Windows 10 64-bit or higher with DirectX 12 support - Processor - Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster - Memory - 32GB+ - Graphics Card - NVidia 3080 or newer, 24+ GB VRAM
  • What are the minimum hardware specifications to run Stage?
    The minimum specs to run Stage: - OS - Windows 10 64-bit - Processor - Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster - Memory - 8GB - Graphics Card - NVidia 2080 or newer, 16+GB VRAM
  • Can I get my designs into Stage without a plugin?
    Yes! We recommend exporting your model to the .glb or .gltf format, then opening that exported model inside stage. Other formats that may work include .obj, .fbx, or datasmith. .usd coming soon!
  • Where can I go for support?
    You can join our Stage Discord channel at the bottom of this page or you can always send an email to
  • What plugins do you have available?
    We currently have a plugin for VStitcher and a beta version of a Rhino plugin.
  • Can I add custom HDRs into Stage?
    We can upload any HDR custom scene of your choosing or we can build one for you. Contact your account manager to talk through this request.
  • Why is my model coming in extremely big in Stage?
    When exporting your models out of your CAD package, make sure you’re doing in centimeters. This will allow Stage to ingest your model properly.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription anytime. Log in to your Stage account at Then click on "Manage Subscription" under general settings. You can then click on cancel subscription.
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