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SolidWorks Users Exclusive Deal !

- November Only -


per month

  • 7-day free trial

  • ​All Pro features

  • $19.99/mo. for 12 months

  • $19.99/mo. for life with 1,000 SW subs​​​​​​

  • Cancel anytime, but you'd be crazy to!​

Join the Realtime Revolution with Stage!

Hear about the deal from our founder:

Rendering and visualization have never been easy or fast. With Stage, those days are now over.  Utilizing the real-time power of Unreal Engine 5, Stage will speed up your rendering and visualization like a Falcon 9 off the launch pad!

Offer Details...

During the month of November, we are offering SolidWorks users an exclusive deal. Users get full enterprise access to Stage for an unbelievably low price: just $19.99 per month for 12 months with the first 7 days free! What's even more exciting, when we reach 1,000 SolidWorks users this November, each user will get this exclusive discounted price for life.*

* Individual SolidWorks Users Only. User's primary business cannot be in the apparel industry. Enterprise customers not eligible for promotion. 

Why Are We Doing This?

We just finished our SolidWorks integration for Stage and we know the best way to market Stage to the SolidWorks community is by putting it in the hands of SolidWorks users. As we break into the industrial design space and provide SolidWorks users a revolutionary way to do real time visualization and rendering, we know they're going to tell everyone about their life changing experience. Let's get to 1,000 SolidWorks users in November so you can all have this incredible price for life!


  • What hardware specifications do you recommend?
    We recommend the following spec: - OS - Windows 10 64-bit or higher with DirectX 12 support - Processor - Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster - Memory - 32GB+ - Graphics Card - NVidia 3080 or newer, 24+ GB VRAM
  • What are the minimum hardware specifications to run Stage?
    The minimum specs to run Stage: - OS - Windows 10 64-bit - Processor - Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster - Memory - 8GB - Graphics Card - NVidia 2080 or newer, 16+GB VRAM
  • What versions of SolidWorks does the Stage plugin work with?
    The Stage SolidWorks plugin currently works with SolidWorks 2020-2023. Compatibility with 2024 is coming soon.
  • How long does this deal last?
    During the month of November this special price of $19.99/mo. lasts for 12 months, UNLESS we reach 1,000 SolidWorks subscribers in November 2023, then that price is for life for those users that signed up.
  • Where can I find tutorial videos?
    You can watch Stage tutorials videos on our youtube channel.
  • Where can I go for support?
    You can join our Stage Discord channel at the bottom of this page or you can always send an email to
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription anytime. Log in to your Stage account at Then click on "Manage Subscription" under general settings. You can then click on cancel subscription. If you do, you are no longer eligible for this price for life.

Trusted by the Industry's Best

Join the Stage revolution now and enjoy the hyper-fast rendering at an unbeatable price. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your rendering workflow!

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